Proposed Bylaws of the Mult Dems Central Committee

Edit: Comments are still open, but the Rules Committee has finished work on the draft of the revision. What's contained in this website is what will be presented to the Central Committee at the April 12th meeting. Amendments will be considered at that time, prior to a vote on the entire Bylaws and Standing Rules.

In the meantime, you can make comments & ask questions below each article & standing rule. We'll continue to respond in preparation for a vote on April 12th.

The Rules Committee has been working on a revision of the Party Bylaws for nearly a year. We believe we have produced a draft that accomplishes our key goals:

  1. Fixing old errors and contradictions;
  2. Simplifying confusing rules and procedures;
  3. Adding details that were previously omitted;
  4. Clarifying the language;
  5. Moving process items into new Standing Rules.

Where the Bylaws are “constitutional” in nature, defining the organization, establishing authorities and powers, the Standing Rules are procedures and process. 

Bylaws require a two-thirds majority to amend, but Standing Rules only a majority. 

Thanks very much.

On behalf of the Committee,

Sally Joughin
Chair, Rules Committee

How to write an amendment

Submitted by Rules Committee on Tue, 03/13/2018 - 23:55

Amendments can be offered by any PCP. 

Rules Committee is available to advise you about whether your amendment is compliant with state law or other parts of these Bylaws.

Here are guidelines for what to include in your proposal for an amendment:

    1. The text of the section of the Article or Standing rule you wish to amend, including the letters
         numerals and that identify where it is.
    2.  The text of your amendment, as you want it to look if passed.
    3.  Reason for your amendment.

If you can send your proposed amendment via email to the Recording Secretary a few days before the April 12 Central Committee meeting, it can be projected on the screen at the meeting.  Otherwise you should bring multiple copies to the meeting so that everyone can consider it.

General & Significant Changes to the Bylaws

Submitted by Sally Joughin on Sat, 01/13/2018 - 00:13

The Rules Committee, in drafting revised Bylaws & Standing Rules, has made many general changes and a few significant specific changes.

  1. Re-writing all language and sentence structure that was confusing or conflicting, and listing separate items in a clear format.
  2. Changing the order of Articles and making the grouping of items more logical.
  3. Making similar things match (example: notice requirements).
  4. Giving PCPs the powers they should have, and giving Committees and Officers more helpful roles. 
  5. Describing workable and fair processes.
  6. Creating Standing Rules, where most processes will be located, along with other things that should be easy to modify as needed.  (Examples of Processes: Order of Business at Organization Meeting, Ballot Measure Endorsement, Rules for Platform Convention.)
  7. Referencing State Law requirements.


Specific Significant Changes: