Proposed Bylaws of the Mult Dems Central Committee

Edit: Comments are still open, but the Rules Committee has finished work on the draft of the revision. What's contained in this website is what will be presented to the Central Committee at the March 8th meeting. Amendments will be considered at that time.

In the meantime, make comments & ask questions. We'll continue to respond in preparation for a vote on March 8th.

The Rules Committee has been working on a revision of the Party Bylaws for nearly a year. The timeline demonstrates the scale of the task, but we believe we have produced a draft that accomplishes our key goals:

General & Significant Changes to the Bylaws

Submitted by Sally Joughin on Sat, 01/13/2018 - 00:13

The Rules Committee, in drafting revised Bylaws & Standing Rules, has made many general changes and a few significant specific changes.

  • These proposed documents can be viewed on the Party website, where you will also be able to make comments on any section.  The comment period will be January 12-26. (Edit: this has been extended to FEBRUARY 10th.)
  • The best way to see what is different is to put the proposed 2018 Bylaws next to the current 2016 Bylaws and compare Articles on the same topic.
  • The order of Articles is slightly different, so it will sometimes be necessary to locate the ones that match topic by looking at Article titles.
  • The Standing Rules are a completely new document, and most of them relate to an Article on the same topic.

General Changes/Additions/Deletions have to do with: